MeshTools are a collection of tools to work with geo (poly or nurbs(for some)). You can find a detailed breakdown on the sections in the links provided.

  • math — This section deals with mesh operations. Usually this has to do with doing blendshape work but it can be used for different things.
  • cast — Section to deal with casting rays to do stuff. Pew pew!
  • utils — A few other utils

General functionality:

  • Previous selections are remembered for subsequent processes if possible
  • From/to selection is typical.

The options menu houses options for several of the functions. They are housed here because it’s a more space efficient location for lots of options.

  • Space — xform space for mesh math functions
  • Create — click Mesh create options
  • Sym Axis — axis to measure symetry from
  • Lathe Axis — curve casting lathe axis
  • Aim Axis — object aim axis for shooting rays
  • Obj Up Axis — object up axis for casting curves (lolipop for example)
  • Extend Mode — extend mode for how curves are wrapped

Core Modules used:

  • cgm.core.lib.geo_Utils
  • cgm.core.classes.DraggerContextFactory
  • cgm.core.lib.shapeCaster
  • cgm.core.lib.rayCaster