Locinator is a maya tool for dealing with locators and tracking objects to locators.
 It serves a few main functions:
  • Creates locators based off of selection types. Those created on objects with transforms also match the rotation order of their respective sources.
  • Stores info (via attribute) on what they were created from so that they can be updated (snapped to the correct position if the source changes)
  • Objects with transforms that have a loc created from are tagged (via message node) so that they can be snapped to their loc
  • There are 3 matching modes:
    • Point
    • Orient
    • Parent
  • There is an option to force the bounding box center of an object instead of it’s pivot point for the positional data of the loc
  • Things that can be updated (locators or tagged objects) can be baked per frame or only on frames with keys
    • Keys to upate from may be from the source or self object
  • There are some special functions:
    • locate center – works for objects or components (i.e. finding the center of an edge loop for joint placement loc)
    • loc closest point – the base functionality was there so I added it. It’s root functions I used for a snap to surface tool that is helpful for all kinds of things
    • loc cv’s of curve – easy to snap to or track for a motion trail
    • loc cv’s on the curve – because sometimes the end user wants the edit point and doesn’t know it
  • There are some match functions to set up the match to relationship as well as a purge to clean off the tagging attribute to keep things clean in production.
Some day to day examples of use are:
  • I have a character who’s hand I want to track some object. For whatever reason I can’t setup a dynamic parent constraint on it. So I loc that hand, constrain that loc to the object and then I can force track that hand to the object over whatever frames
  • Need to edgeloop centers on a mesh to place joints
  • Want to track a face on the tip of a nose but don’t want the performance hit of a rivet constraint. Animate it. Bak down an updated pass on the loc and turn on motion trails for it