This is a contextual marking menu. You set it up via cgm Tools>Hotkeys>Snap Tools


  • Parent Snap (N) —  point and orient matching a from/to selection format
  • Point Snap (NW) —  point matching a from/to selection format
  • Orient Snap (NE) — orient matching a from/to selection format
  • Surface Snap (W) — snap to closest point on target object if possible in a from/to selection format
  • RayCast (SW) — Setup a contextual click cast to cast a ray at any mesh objects in scene to find a snap point. Any selected objects will be snapped.
  • Match Snap(S) — If a selected object has a match link. Match it following match mode.
  • Mirror (SE) —

Lower Section

  • Loc Me — Setup a match locator for selected objects with cgmLocinator
  • Tag Loc to Object — Tag a locator to a selected object so it may be used to match update
  • Update Mode — Whether to use selected objects with match snap or a buffer
  • Match Mode — Set match mode to be point/orient, orient, or point
  • Buffer — Stored to a maya option variable to make it work between maya sessions
    • Define – Use the selected objects to setup a buffer
    • Add — Append selected objects to the buffer
    • Remove — Remove selected objects from the buffer
    • Select members — Select the buffer members
    • Clear — Empty the buffer
  • Ray Cast Mode 
    • Surface — First hit
    • Intersections — Pierce, returns the far hit
    • Midpoint — Average point of hits detected
  • ———————————————————–
  • Locinator — load
  • animTools — load
  • tdTools — load
  • attrTools — load
  • Reload cgm.core — Just reload
  • Docs  — Go to this page
  • Reset — Reset the tool