This Week @ CGM

  • This week:
    • Try to get another video out for the first tab of cgm.tdTools
    • Roll in a few of the talented Brendan Ross‘s scripts to the pack (abSymMesh and abWeightLifter). Thanks Brendan!
    • As such, squashing bugs on that first tab for a better demo
      • Sizing logic needs some work on curve maker
      • text object update not working with a zeroed out curve under a group – need to convert to querying absolute scale instead of the multiplicative method currently used because of frozen transforms
      • Add progress bar to loc cv’s of curve and on curve
      • Look at adding auto guess object orientation
      • Done:
        • Autoname – logic tweaked to be much much faster by default with the option for scene unique names
        • Locinator –┬áSpecialty loc types named more intuitively via typeModifier tags
        • Zero group me – now working more as intended
    • Prep for webinar next week that Josh is doing for Faceware Technologies
    • Working gigs – faces, heroes, and cartoony rigging oh my!
    • Continue working with testers to get initial tool pack ready to go
    • Get development rolling on the first web community component

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